Guests' comments

Of course, we always knew that the people we invited to the wedding were a great bunch, but they've really shown how nice they are afterwards with some of the kind comments they've made to us, or in their online journals and weblogs.

We don't want to forget any of them, so we've collated them here as a handy page we can turn to whenever we're feeling lonely!

Online comments

These first comments were published in people's online journals and weblogs, or in one case on our dlog, so we've attributed them to the people who said them - hope that's OK with everyone!

Picture of SusannahThe last three weekends have been so amazing. [...] The third, the weekend just gone, was the best of the three. I went to the wedding of [Paul and Edith]. It was fantastic. The stag/hen night was fun but not in a traditionally annoying stag/hen night way (less alcohol and no handcuffs etc.). The wedding day itself was amazing and it was wonderful to see two of the nicest people I know to get married. It made me feel soppy :D I had a great weekend, and I'm sure that Paul and Edith did too ;) I've never felt so happy to see people get married before - it was very special.

Susannah Goodyear

Picture of HannahThe wedding was amazing. Everything about it was just perfect. Hooray for Paul and Edith being excellent.

Hannah Werdmuller

Picture of MarcusThis weekend I went to [Paul and Edith's] wedding in london, which involved a stag/hen night meal at a restraunt and then the wedding itself and reception at London zoo.

I would like to wish Paul and Edith all the best for the future and to thank them for a fantastically entertaining and memorable weekend. The skillful planning and attention to detail were amaizing and everyone present had a fantastic time!

Marcus Povey

Picture of BenWhat a magical weekend - congratulations again to Paul and Edith, who at the time of writing are on their honeymoon in Paris. Hannah will doubtless mock me, but I can't look at the picture [of them cutting the cake] without getting a little choked up; I'm certain they'll have a really happy life together. And marriage aside, it was also a brilliant day. I reiterate what I said before the event: best wedding ever.

Ben Werdmuller

Picture of KatieLast weekend I went to the wedding of two dear friends, Edith and Paul. Which would have been brilliant just as it stands, but no, this was no ordinary wedding. This was a wedding held at London Zoo and organised by two original minds with stupendous attention for detail. From the balloon holders to personalised place-mats through to specially devised, themed word games to fill in while we awaited the speeches (and what speeches they were), nothing was overlooked. To get an idea of the extravaganza, see, possibly the first time the Web has been utilised to such awesome effect for a wedding!

It was amazing, and I feel honoured to have been among those asked to share such a special day.

Katie Wilson

Picture of CarolWhat a wonderful day. I really enjoyed it all. Thanks so much for all your plans and hard work to make it an unforgettable wedding day. I hope you both enjoyed it, I think you must've looking at your photos! I'm going back to look at some more photos now.

Carol Wilson

Picture of Simon[zoolyweds was] an immensely enjoyable, quirky and memorable wedding I was honoured to be invited to recently at London Zoo. Paul and Edith, I wish you every happiness in your married life! Aah. I feel warm and fuzzy. Like a monkey, only not.

Simon Pearson

Offline comments

These are from the letters and e-mails we've received since the wedding. Since these were obviously not sent to us with a view to being published online, we won't name anyone here without permission. Please contact us if you recognise your quote and wouldn't mind us 'exposing' you!

A really big [thank you] for such a happy, memorable day on 3rd [September]. All your hard work paid off and everyone appreciated it.


I want to say ... what a fantastic day I and everyone else had and thanks for all the hard work which so obviously went in to the day.


It was wonderful. I can say without a sliver of doubt that it's the best wedding I've been to, and I can't think what someone'd have to do to top it. And if I had that much fun, I can't imagine how much you two enjoyed it :D


It was a really fantastic day and I know that everyone had a great time. It was the first wedding that I have ever been to ... and you've set a hard act for any others to follow. I want balancing penguins at my wedding! Going aroud the zoo was really good and probably the first time any of us have done it dressed so formally! The service was really lovely and it was great to see you both getting married ...

I hope your honeymoon gave you a chance to relax after what must have been months and months of organising - everything was planned perfectly from Paul's [zoolyweds logo] cufflinks down to the plastic animals that stopped the balloons floating away!


Just to say what a lovely day we had on Sat, and how we both enjoyed the day. It was a most interesting wedding...


Wow, that was a fab wedding, we had a whale of a time (haha, do you like my animal-based metaphor or whatever it is?)!


We all enjoyed Saturday very much - a very memorable day!


Just a quick thank you for inviting me to the wedding, it was a great (and unusual) day!


Your website has many fans at my work: certain people knew more about what was going on than me! They seem to find it quite entertaining...


We also had lots of lovely comments in the dlogbook when it was passed around the coach - if only we'd remembered to get it out earlier! Thanks to everyone for being so nice!

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