Accommodation and travel

This page provides some suggestions of hotels and hostels to stay in, and also some useful links for accommodation and travel information.

Recommended places to stay

Here is a list of hotels which are in or near the Regent's Park area, from most to least expensive. Please be aware that we have not stayed at any of these hotels ourselves - we are basing our recommendations on a combination of location, price and reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor.

Prices are based on us getting quotes for a two night stay (2-4 September 2005) online, done in February 2005. Information about each hotel is available by clicking on its name, which will take you to its website, including online booking facilities.

Sources of accommodation information

If you'd like to read reviews of our recommended hotels, get a better idea of their location or choose your own accommodation, this section provides some links to useful sites.

Sources of travel information

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