Personalised place mats

For the meal at our wedding reception, we provided each guest with a personalised place mat.

Place matEach mat had the person's name at the bottom (so that people knew where to sit!), a semi-random fact about one or both of us at one side, and information about a randomly selected animal on the other side.

Each animal is illustrated with a photo, the vast majority of which are from our own collection of photos taken in various zoos all over the place!

You can download any of the mats using the links below. The list is arranged by person's surname, and includes in brackets the name of the animal featured on the mat as well.

If you were one of the last few of the invited guests to let us know you couldn't attend the wedding, your mat was created on the computer but never actually produced, so we've included it on here so that you can download it and see what you missed out on!

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Earlier today, Edith was quite innocently using our network to connect from her PC to ...

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