Food and drink

This page gives you a flavour - ho ho - of what will be on offer on the big day.


From 14.30 (when we first arrive at the zoo), some light refreshments (tea, coffee etc.) will be available at the Mappin Pavilion while we're embarking on our ménagerie tour. These will be available throughout the afternoon before the ceremony.

After the ceremony

When we reach the reception venue, there'll be some drinks while we cut the cake.


Following this, the main meal of the evening will be a barbecue, whose menu will be something like the below.

From the flame




Speeches and toasts

To toast us, some sparkling wine will be available, which certainly sounds more pleasant than a large electric toaster :)


During the evening, there'll be various nibbles dotted about, along with bowls of both soft and not-so-soft punch. We'll also be bringing supplies of soft drinks and cans of lager to share around. If none of that tickles your tastebuds' fancy, there'll also be a licensed bar selling drinks throughout the evening.

Phew, I think that's covered it all - basically, there's no danger of anyone going thirsty!

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Unfortunate down-time

Earlier today, Edith was quite innocently using our network to connect from her PC to ...

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