At the dining tables at our wedding reception, as well as personalised place mats, we also gave all the guests a special sheet of zoolyweds puzzles.

The sheet of puzzlesWhether you'd like to try the puzzles, or you're stuck on one of them and looking for the solutions, the links below should prove useful!


Very disappointingly, the 'cryptic crosswed' made it all the way to the wedding reception tables before anyone noticed a mistake in one of the clues. The clue to 10 across should read 'One of the 16, that is after something sticky (5)'. Apologies for this. Clearly our attention to detail was not as good as it should have been ;)

zoolyweds - Paul and Edith's wedding

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Unfortunate down-time

Earlier today, Edith was quite innocently using our network to connect from her PC to ...

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