'Thank you's

Our list of people we've thanked is mostly already online, buried away in Paul's speech, but really they deserved more prominence, so here's a page especially for them all.

'Thank you from the bottom of our hearts' graphicThe graphics alongside the 'categories' are the graphics featured on the thank you cards we've given them all, which Paul drew in the only medium in which he can draw - vector graphics. If you could just drag and distort real lines like that after you've put pen to paper, perhaps he'd be able to draw on paper too...

Thank you for your friendship and gifts

Thanks to everyone who came along to the wedding and/or brought us gifts - it was such a great day, we really appreciate it!

zoolyweds clapperboard graphicThank you for filming

Our friends Ben and Adam and Paul's uncle John, as well as Rebecca and Rob Merriman, did great jobs of filming various parts of the day, and once it's all edited together into a nice DVD we'll share their work around for all to see! Thanks very much to them all for their hard work.

Thank you for your generosity

We did almost manage to halve what the latest survey reckons is the average cost of a wedding, but nevertheless without generous financial contributions from Paul's mum and dad, Edith's mum and all Paul's grandparents, the day would have been much less impressive!

Thank you for your organisational skills

Special thanks to Paul's mum, whose job is organising events and whose expertise therefore came in very useful in various meetings with the zoo in the run-up to the wedding. She even took minutes!

Reading graphicThank you for your readings...

Paul's two grandmothers and our friend Sana did great jobs of their readings at our ceremony, so thanks to all of them for their efforts and fine performances! You can see what they read on the readings page of this site.

...and the rings!

Rings graphicSana also did us an amazing favour by making our brilliant wedding rings from scratch for us! They're really lovely and we're delighted with them, so thanks very much to the Lady of the Rings ;)

Mothers' box of tissues graphicThank you for your witnessing

Our mums made fine witnesses at our signing of the register, so thanks to them for that, as well as for general mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom -type support and emotions!

Thank you for your microphone skills

Microphone graphicThanks to Paul's dad for his role as a kind of Master of Ceremonies, telling people where to be when, introducing the speeches, and so forth. He was a real help, and some of his jokes were almost funny!

Our friend Fred, freshly back from performing a nightly show at the Edinburgh Festival, was even funnier with his excellent stand-up routine later in the evening. One of our biggest regrets from the day was that we didn't video the act for later re-viewing, but rest assured that memories of ordering gorillas' face-meat and the concept of Kitten Soft toilet roll will stay with us for many years anyway!

Yellow rose graphicThank you for your assistance to the bride

Thanks to Rosy, Jamie and Davina for their valuable bridesmaid-type help throughout the day, and to Kaie for wishing she could have been well enough to come and help, and give the speech she'd prepared!

A special thank you to Rosy, who is the only bridesmaid who lived anywhere near us so was the one we turned to first for most things in the months leading up to the wedding - thanks to her for her extra tolerance of us!

Edith's ring graphicThank you for your assistance to the groom

Thanks to Mark and Martin, Paul's Best Men, who were also very helpful, and both gave thoroughly enjoyable speeches which garnered lots of praise from everyone - thanks a lot!

Paul's ring graphicOh and they also didn't lose the rings, an observation which justifies the inclusion of the ring graphics here. Win.

Thank, er, us

Finally, thanks from each of us to the other - we couldn't have done it without us, and not just because it was a wedding...

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