New! We've finally designed our album of official photos!

On this page are links to well over 500 photos from our wedding day, on various web sites. The sites fall into three categories, the second of which also lets you share your photos with us!

Official photographs

Official photo of Paul and EdithOur official photographer, Rob Burress from, has now sent us a lovely selection of 212 photos from the day. These were all also available online for ordering for several weeks after the wedding. If you'd like to get prints of any photos from the wedding now, please let us know.

There is still one page on his site with photos from our wedding:

We're really pleased with the photos, and we hope you all like them too!


Our album of official photos will be a full-colour, 12-inch-square hardback book, professionally printed and bound, from Paul's 34-page design.

You can flick your way through a virtual, rather smaller version of the album at

Flickr zoolyweds group

Group photo from the flickr groupShow us your pictures, or see others' pictures!

If you'd like to see other guests' photos, please head over to:

At the time of writing this has over 250 pictures in it, and they're of a really high quality - thanks so much to everyone who's taken and shared photos so far!

If you have digital photos you'd like to share with us, read on...

Flickr is a free web site which allows anyone to share photos quickly and easily. It really is very easy to get started so please don't be put off if you don't think you're technically minded - just register for a free account, go to the zoolyweds group and join it, then upload as many pictures as you like into the group.

How to share your wedding pictures using flickr

We look forward to seeing everyone's pictures!

Other places

Edith putting on make-up before the weddingSome other people have put their photos online but not in the flickr group. Below is a list of all those we're aware of.

If you have some pictures of our wedding online that we don't list, please let us know and we'll add them!

What we wore

This picture dates from several weeks before the wedding, and shows us in our wedding outfits (click to view larger in a new window):

Paul and Edith in their wedding outfits, with a 5ft toy giraffe

This picture was never actually taken in this way - we had each taken each other's pictures separately at completely different times, Paul stood in the living room as shown in the picture, Edith posed with our 5ft toy giraffe in the 'library' upstairs. We needed a picture of the two of us together for the place mats (and indeed for this page now) and couldn't wait until Paul's suit was back from being remade to fit him properly, so Paul cobbled this together from the two pictures!

zoolyweds - Paul and Edith's wedding

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Unfortunate down-time

Earlier today, Edith was quite innocently using our network to connect from her PC to ...

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