Gift info - vouchers

So you don't think any of the gifts on the main wedding list are the right thing to get us, but you'd like to get us something? Instead, you could choose one of the vouchers described on this page.

We've selected these vouchers as the ones which are most likely to be of use to us in our early years of married life - and no, Mothercare isn't among them ;)

If you'd like to get us one of the vouchers on this page, you'll be able to read about how to do so in their descriptions. Thanks!

Lakeside gift vouchers

[Lakeside gift voucher advert]Lakeside gift vouchers can apparently be spent in any of the shops in the Lakeside shopping centre or the nearby retail park, all of which combines as our preferred destination when we need a day at the shops.

Purchasing information

These vouchers are available in denominations of £5 and £10, but we fear that they may only be able to be bought in person from the information desks at Lakeside itself, which is not exactly ideal. If you want to try your luck by telephone, the information desk can be reached on 01708 684321.

Further information on the Lakeside web site.

Choice gift vouchers

[Choice gift voucher graphic]Choice gift vouchers can be spent in a similarly large number of places, but both in and out of Thurrock!

Purchasing information

These vouchers apparently come in 2, 5, 10 and 20, but unless you can find them for sale somewhere else you'll need to buy them through the outlet below, which only offers them in multiples of 10.

You can buy these online via Voucher Express, or by telephone - call [number now deleted], quote our names and our wedding date (3 September 2005), and give them any message you want to include. If you order by telephone, you'll save the £1 online postage, and they'll save up all our vouchers and send them directly to us after the wedding. (We've now received these - thanks!)

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