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Since there are still some gifts available, it seemed a shame to close the wedding list off completely, so it's still here for now - we're not actually expecting more presents though! :)

If you click on a gift's name, you'll be taken to a page which will show you more information about that gift. If you like the look of it and would like to get it for us, and you're logged in to the site, from there you'll be able to reserve it for yourself, so you can have a chance to buy it, or to cross it off the list if you've already bought it.

Gifts marked with an '®' symbol are 'retrospective' gifts. This means we already own them but you can 'retrospectively' buy them by giving us a gift of the money they cost us to buy! If you opt for one of these you can download a special gift envelope from the details page.

New! If nothing on the list appeals but you want to get something, have a look at the vouchers we'd like.

Also new! Download the whole wedding list, including all the available gifts' details, as a PDF. (Approximately 1MB file.)

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Gift name Guide price Status
Gift Vouchers Any Always available
Lilac phone £20.00 Available
Mediterrania cutlery set £12.95 Available
Mobile air conditioner ® £250.00 Available
Prem-I-Air mini air cooler ® £29.95 Available
Cranium £25.00 Bought
Performance Power lawnmower ® £37.98 Bought
The Day Today DVD £13.00 Bought
Blue suitcase (large) ® £45.00 Bought
Yellow folding Valencia charcoal barbecue ® £19.98 Bought
Braun Multiquick Hand Blender, MR5550 MCA £45.00 Bought
Morphy Richards Breadmaker (model 48280) £40.00 Bought
Blue suitcase (medium) ® £35.00 Bought
Trio Bin ® £24.99 Bought
'Emu' storage boxes ® £9.00 Bought
Ironing board ® £16.99 Bought
4-piece wine glass set (blue) £9.99 Bought
4-piece wine glass set (purple) £9.99 Bought
Scrabble £14.00 Bought
'Bogen' stripy mirror ® £29.00 Bought
Folding aluminium table ® £19.99 Bought
Giant cushions ® £10.00 Bought
'Husön' outdoor plant tub £21.50 Bought
Pasta set ® £21.00 Bought
Blue suitcase (small) ® £20.00 Bought
GameCube controller (budget, platinum) £9.99 Bought
GameCube controller (official, purple) £19.99 Bought
Barbecue tool set ® £16.98 Bought
Breville JK15 Lightning white kettle £30.00 Bought
Spring-flowering bulbs £15.00 Bought
Stripy Valencia folding picnic chairs ® £9.96 Bought
'Nick' folding chairs ® £15.00 Bought
Trivial Pursuit (20th Anniversary edition) £27.00 Bought
Four striped garden flares £19.80 Bought
BT Diverse X10 phone £41.00 Bought
Monkey lanterns £19.90 Bought
Slik Photo/video tripod (model U8000) £32.99 Bought
Mr and Mrs board game £15.00 Bought
'Nikolaus' folding chair and 'Ritva' cushion £32.90 Bought
Rectangle Mirror with Glass Shelf (updated!) £29.99 Bought
Two yellow 'Lack' side tables £12.00 Bought
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